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A: Unfortunately we do not. We provide RV sales, service and accessories for all makes of RV’s.

A: RV’s are equipped with LPG detectors, CO detectors and stereos that are wired into the 12volt system. Although the amp draw is small, after several days it will deplete the battery. TV boosters left in the on position will also drain the battery. We recommend installing a battery disconnect or just unhook the wire on the negative post of the battery to keep this from happening.

A: Periodic cleaning ( three to four times a year ) is the primary maintenance required. When cleaning your roof always check the caulking on the seams and around the vents. Seal with Dicor rubber roof caulking as needed. Always use a rubber roof cleaner that is specifically formulated for rubber roofs. We also recommend a rubber roof UV protectant to help prevent oxidation. These can be purchased in our parts dept.

A: Yes, we can do all types of repairs, from complete rubber roof replacement to blowout damage and most fiberglass repairs. We can also replace the aluminum siding on most RVs.

A: Yes, we fill propane bottles and motorhomes

A: The maximum inflation pressure (example: 65psi cold) is displayed on the tire sidewall. Never set tire inflation below or above manufacturer’s recommendations. Always set tire inflation pressures “cold” using a gauge. Correct tire inflation is critical to safety, handling, performance, fuel economy and tire life.

A: We recommend every 8 to 10,000 miles or once a year whichever comes first. While re-packing your bearings we also inspect the brakes, magnets, springs and replace the grease seals.

A: Yes, we have three different checkout packages to choose from. The Basic package is $249.99. The Extended pkg. is $369.00 and the Full Deal pkg. is $549.00. Please click on the Service Information tab on this website for more information.