Service Rates


$120.00 per hour

Winterizing (units w/ice makers $50.00 additional charge)

$ 124.99 - 289.99

Wheel Bearing Pack

$79.50 per wheel

Recommended: Every 8,000-10,000 miles or every year which ever comes first.

Insurance Estimates for Damage/Repair

$180.00 (In Shop only)

Aluminium Siding Replacement

$25.00 per square foot

Rubber Roof Replacement

$25.00 per square foot

Propane System Pressure Check


Hitch Installation

Call for Current Pricing

Fifth Wheel, gooseneck, and Weight Distribution Hitches

Check Out Packages



This package is designed for those getting ready for the first trip of the season. Includes a check out of the water/plumbing system, LP gas system, and roof inspection. Contact our Service Dept. for complete details.



This includes the basic pkg. plus appliances. In addition to the basic pkg., all appliances will be checked for proper operation. This package works well for those looking at buying a used unit , or those that have just purchased a used unit maybe from an individual. Contact our Service Dept. for complete details.

Full Deal


This includes the Basic and Extended pkg. as well as the operation of the 12 volt system, 110 volt system, running gear, awnings, slide-out operation and safety detectors. Perfect for customers that have purchased or are looking to purchase units that haven't been used in a while. Contact our Service Dept. for complete details.

Contact Service for Complete Details
****Repairs are not included in the package pricing. Estimates will be provided when repairs are necessary.***